Abertura dos Módulos-01

The Imagine Project doesn’t seek to replace or to fill gaps in formal education. Neither disciplines nor complete curriculum contents are taught – small “modules” of fundamental knowledge about the operation of some aspects of life and the universe are presented, in a practical, didactic and ludic way. In each one of these modules, there will be the presence of a team of scientists and students who will spend some time and personally interact with the community, demystifying in front of it the image of science and the scientist, thereby contributing for the awakening of future disseminators of knowledge.

The modules will be chosen in a way they can propitiate, direct or indirectly, a debate about the relations of tolerance and respect, both between human beings among themselves and between them and the nature, in its broadest sense.

The project, in long-term, will be able to involve diverse cycles, wherein each cycle will consist of many scientific modules that are going to move between different countries. The first cycle, which is going to move for five partner countries, will involve a first module about “DNA, Diversity and Heredity” and the second one about “Energy”.

Our audience includes: young teenagers and literate adults; public school teachers linked to the community; health workers; local leaders, among others interested.