(English) Other UFSC tools

Here you can find other didactic tools created by teachers and students from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. These tools work as a complement and a way of fixing the contents presented in the Project REAs. Would you like to share any of your tools with us? Contact us here.

Molecular Biology Discipline 2014/2.
Students: Marília Jacques, Christian Wunderlich, Victor Anselmo e Camila Penados.

Molecular Biology Discipline 2015/1.
Students: Julio Cesar Kehrwald, Luiz Henrique Terhorst e Rennan Lopes Chagas.

Molecular Biology Discipline 2015/1.
Students: Mariana de Souza Lima, Marta Ramirez Ângulo e Nicolas Argenta da Conceição.

Molecular Biology Discipline 2015/2.
Students: Camila Tomazini Kinasz, Guilherme de Sousa e Priscilla Gomes Welter.


 Molecular Biology Discipline 2017/1.
Students: Daniel Grillo Perez, Gabrielle Franzmann, Giovanni Alberto Crestani e Alyson Cavalcante.